Jerry Anderson
A Memorial Fund honoring Jerry Anderson in recognition of all his volunteer efforts was established in May, 1996. In trying to memorialize and celebrate what Jerry stood for, the award was established to be given to an “unsung hero”; a regular member who did nothing more than provide excellent volunteer service on behalf of some PAC program or activity. This award was not established to recognize who raised the most money, brought in the most members, solicited the most auction items, etc. Simply it was established to acknowledge those who made an unselfish commitment to get involved, and in doing so, made a positive difference. Prior recipients are:

  • Howard Fine (1996)
  • Marty Schwarzkopf (1997)
  • Esther Wendel (1998)
  • Robert Stokes(1999)
  • Lenore Simon (2000)
  • Kirra Philpott (2001)
  • Brian Fidler (2002)
  • Brian Lawson (2003)
  • Pam Parsons (2004)
  • Gil Meija (2006)
  • Kathy Munson (2007)

Duncan Jennings Scholarships
The Phoenix Ad Club and friends of Duncan T. Jennings established the Duncan Jennings Memorial Scholarships in 1982.

“Dunc’s” advertising career achievements and contributions to his fellow Arizonans set the standards by which others are measured. He worked tirelessly to improve the quality and image of Arizona’s advertising and was recognized nationally for his leadership. Dunc believed so strongly in young people that it was only fitting that the scholarship fund in his memory be formed to benefit students pursuing an advertising career.
Lifetime Honorary Members

  • Sherwin Block
  • Win Holden
  • *Benet Hanau
  • Dan Scarpone
  • Walt Selover
  • Marie Borgmann
  • Maurie Helle
  • Dick Stuart
  • Gus Miller
  • Dee Courtwright
  • *Bill McKay
  • *John S. Turner
  • Bob Bulla
  • *Hal Metcalf
  • *C. VanHaaften
  • *Esther Wendel
  • Twila Hopkins
  • *John Redfield
  • Ardelle Whitehead
  • Lou Reynolds
  • Jim Ross
  • Marty Laurel
  • Lenore Grobstein